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Security Window Film Stalybridge Cheshire

Clear Security Film Applied To All Glass For Extra Protection From Breakins
Part Way Installing Clear Security Film To Patio Doors

The Problem

Burglaries: it's a word we all hear but it's something we never want to experience. Yes, it's a fact that thousands of homes are broken into every day and there is always a big increase on the run up to Christmas. This home owner in Stalybridge, where there was an increase in houses being burgled, wanted to do something to protect his family and home, if this was to happen to them. Their local PCSO had advised them that an installation of security film would definitely give thm added protection, so they contacted us for advice.

What We Did

We explained that with an installation of our clear security window film, it would offer greater protection to the glass it was applied too. Once installed it is virtually unnoticeable and provides the element of surprise to a would be burglar when trying to gain entry and in most cases they will quickly leave as they would have to create far more noise than if the glass was just toughened.

The Window Film We Used

We used a clear 175 micron security film and applied it to all the rear windows internally and externally. These films are consistently distortion-free and without the yellowish hue common to many other safety and security  films which are offered on the market today.
They are renowned for their optical clarity and cleanliness the top result of top grade polyester and transparent adhesive. This film, when installed by us comes with a 10 year warranty for internal applications and 4 years for external applications.  

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