Solar Control Window Films for Commercial & Residential Applications

Benefits of solar control window film, including:
Energy Efficiency: Learn how our films can significantly reduce heat transfer through your windows, keeping your space cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
UV Protection: Understand the importance of safeguarding your interiors from the damaging effects of UV rays. Our films provide an effective barrier against fading and deterioration of furniture, flooring, and artwork.
Glare Reduction: Experience the comfort of reduced glare without compromising natural light. Our solar control window films allow you to enjoy the view while minimizing eye strain.
Cost Savings: Discover the potential energy cost savings associated with improved insulation and reduced reliance on heating or cooling systems.
Customisation Options: Explore a range of film options to suit your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. From clear to tinted films, find the perfect solution for your space.
Easy Installation: Learn about the hassle-free installation process and how our professional team can transform your windows with minimal disruption.
Long-Term Durability: Find out about the durability and longevity of our solar control window films, backed by quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques.
Environmental Impact: Understand the eco-friendly aspects of our window films, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

They can provide daytime one way vision, enabling you to clearly see out through the glass, offering privacy from outside alongside their solar control elements. They can be used to reduce unwanted solar heat gain and solar glare transmitted through glass in the summer and also insulate by reflecting internal heat back in to the room. A saving in energy costs can easily be achieved in summer and winter when installed to your windows, whether they're commercial or domestic applications.

We all have windows in our homes, offices and we want to keep as much daylight inside them as possible. Whilst blinds and curtains are great for providing privacy and reducing some of the heat, they do so at the cost of blocking out the natural light, where solar control window films or "window tinting" as its sometimes called, allow natural light to enter keeping your home bright and comfortable. They reflect the sun's heat away reducing the amount of heat and glare entering through the glass, some have a mirrored external appearance but not all. Solar window films can work all year round using our Low E Window Films to retain heat in winter as well as reducing solar heat gain in the summer.
They also prevent 99% of (ultra violet) UV ray's from passing through helping to slow down the effects of the sun's damage which causes fading to furnishings and floors. Also available Frosted Privacy window films.

Clear Spectrally Selective

Is a clear state-of-the-art solar control window film with no mirror or tinted appearance and is used in situations where solar heat control is needed, but glare control is not a priority. This film is an excellent choice for applications where retaining a natural appearance is important but solar heat gain is a problem.

Also available is our a Clear UV filter window film (tested) which provides one of the highest levels of protection from UV radiation available, reducing 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays, without noticeably altering the clarity of the glass with a VLT of up to 87% and is used extensively to help reduce the effects of XP skin conditions.

Solar Control Window Film Types:

Clear Spectrally Selective State-of-the-art window film with no mirror or tinted appearance offering excellent solar energy rejection.
Reflective films have a higher performance than others and can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat and glare transmitted through your glass. Excellent for Conservatory's and Orangeries.
Low Emissivity films have a Low-E coating added to the internal facing side of the film thus reducing heat loss through your glazing which in turn reduce heating bills and improving your carbon footprint.
Low Mirror films are still a great way to achieve a good level of solar heat and glare reduction but with a lesser internal and external reflective appearance, they are ideal for homes who want to go unnoticed depending on the density of the film used.

Reflective films offer:

  • Excellent solar heat and glare rejection
  • Highest levels of energy efficiency
  • Quickest payback period
  • 99+% UV block
  • Upgraded appearance
  • Daytime privacy

Low Emissivity films offer:

  • Radiates over 69% of internal heat back into the room
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Solar heat and glare reduction
  • All year round energy efficiency
  • Stops 99% of harmful UV rays

Low Mirror films offer:

  • Lower reflective internal & external appearance
  • Higher light transmission
  • Still achieve a good level of solar heat/glare rejection

Clear Spectrally Selective films offer:

  • Virtually unnoticeable with a clear appearance from both sides

Some window films can be applied internally & externally with up to a 10 year warranty

Below are installations where solar control window films have been installed to glazing for heat and glare reduction and/or privacy, they all stop 99% of UV rays from passing through the glazing. If you'd like to know more, you can book a free survey, where we will come to you, show you samples of our window films, discuss what they can do for you, measure up and provide you with a written quotation. Alternatively, If you'd prefer to know roughly how much an installation would cost before going any further, you can fill out our Contact Form which takes about 30 seconds or call us on 0161 327 0301 with your window dimensions (we'll need these) and tell us what you would like the film to do for you i.e. reduce heat/glare want more privacy, reduce the amount of fading to furnishings, retain heat in the winter months and we'll be able to give you an idea of the cost involved.

We have lots more photos of our completed installations from around the North West on our gallery page.

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