Low Emissivity Thermal Insulation Window Film

We are specialists when it comes to the supply & installation of Low Emissivity Thermal Insulation window film, known as an all year round window film due to the benefits of being able to radiate a rooms internal heat back in to the room during winter, whilst reducing glare, solar heat gain during the summer months and also minimising fading from the effects of the sun's harmful UV rays with its UV filter blocking 99% of UV rays. They can provide thermal comfort and are one of the most cost-competitive and environmentally-friendly energy improvements.

How does window insulating film work?

Low-E window films are also known as "Insulating window films" work the same as Low-E Glass, they both have a low-e coating applied to the internal side which disperses heat back into your room, reducing your homes heat loss in the colder months by insulating the glass in windows and doors making them substantially more energy efficient. This increases comfort during the winter months adding another benefit: lowering of our heating costs. They're a cost-efficient option that is very effective. We can apply them to single and double pane glass and doors throughout your home and office.

An excellent option if you have a Conservatory or Orangery with a glass roof. The insulation properties of this type of solar control window film will improve insulation to your glass roof, where most of your heating is escaping whilst lowering your energy bills, that's a benefit we believe most homeowners will appreciate. Special Winter Offer On Low E Window Films.

Our films are maintenance free apart from normal window cleaning and have a manufacturers warranty of up to 10 years. We thoroughly clean all glass to be treated before installing the window film to the internal side of the window/door glass. The film is then cut oversize for each piece of glass and trimmed in for a perfect fit.

Low E Thermal window films are available in dark silver, light silver and a neutral colour. They can significantly save you money on heating costs throughout your home or office as well as reduce solar heat gain, glare and 99% UV light transmitted through glass. This is a simple cost effective procedure and is extremely popular.
Contact us if you'd like more information. Have a look at some of our recent work.

Key benefits of using low emissivity window film:

  • Saves on energy costs year after year
  • Superior durability
  • For use on single and double pane glass
  • Applied to your existing windows
  • Less expensive than blinds and more effective
  • Helps prevent fading to furnishings blocking 99% of UV rays
  • Can reduce unwanted heat & glare by up to 80% during the summer months
  • Low E window film radiates over 69% of the rooms internal heat back in to the room
  • Allows the natural light to flow through
  • Up to 10 year manufacturers warranty
  • Maintenance free
  • Contributes to a reduced carbon footprint

Have a look at the images below where you can see some of our installations we have completed where a Low-E window film has been applied to the glass. If you'd like to know more you can book a free survey where we will come to you, show you samples of our window films, discuss what they can do for you, measure up and provide you with a written quotation or maybe you'd just like to know roughly how much an installation would cost before going any further and that's a common question we are asked, you can email or call us with your window dimensions (we'll need these) and tell us what you would like the film to do for you i.e. reduce heat/glare want more privacy, keep heat in and we'll be able to give you an idea of the cost involved.

Take a look at our completed installations from around the North West.

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