Safety, Security & Shatterproof Window Films For Your Home & Office

Give yourself the protection from accidents and intrusions with our safety, security, shatterproof window films. You can convert existing glass into safe, secure shatter resistant glazing. It's true but unfortunately our world is not as safe as it used to be so give yourself, your family, your possessions that extra protection.

Safety and security window film is a type of window film designed to enhance the strength and resilience of glass, providing increased protection against breakage, shattering, and potential security threats.

Features and Characteristics:

Thickness: Safety and security window films are typically thicker than standard window films. They are composed of multiple layers of polyester or other high-tensile materials. Available in microns; 100, 175, 200 & 300.

Adhesive Bonding: The film is applied to glass surfaces using a strong adhesive. This adhesive helps hold the glass together in the event of breakage, preventing it from shattering into dangerous shards.

Shatter Resistance: One of the primary purposes of safety and security window film is to hold glass fragments together upon impact. This helps reduce the risk of injuries caused by flying glass shards during accidents, natural disasters, or forced entry attempts.

Protection Against Forced Entry: The added strength provided by security window film makes it more difficult for burglars or vandals to break through windows. Even if the glass is shattered, the film holds the broken pieces in place, making it a deterrent to forced entry.

UV Protection: Many safety and security films also offer UV protection, shielding occupants and interior furnishings from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Optical Clarity: While providing enhanced strength, quality security films maintain good optical clarity. This means that visibility is not significantly compromised, and natural light can still enter the space.

Application in Various Settings: Safety and security window films are used in a variety of settings, including windows in homes, patio doors, bifold doors, commercial buildings, factory's, offices, schools, university's government facilities, and vehicles. They are often applied to vulnerable areas such as glass doors, windows, and skylights.

Blast Mitigation: In some cases, thicker security films may offer protection against the impact and debris associated with explosions. While not a substitute for specialized blast-resistant glass, security films can provide an added layer of safety in certain situations.

Easy Retrofitting: Security window film can be applied to existing glass surfaces, offering a cost-effective way to upgrade the security of windows without the need for complete glass replacement.

Durability: Security films are designed to be durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

It's important to choose security window films that meet industry standards and are installed by professionals to ensure proper performance. The specifications and features can vary among different brands and products, so it's advisable to consult with experts or suppliers to determine the most suitable option for specific security needs.

Safety, security shatterproof window films form a molecular bond with the window using a clear adhesive that dramatically strengthens the integrity of the pane therefore making it more resistant to breakage and provides an effective and non-obtrusive defence against intruders and accidents. Once installed it is virtually unnoticeable and provides the element of surprise to a would be burglar when trying to gain entry and in most cases they will quickly leave as they would have to create far more noise than if the glass was just toughened.

An installation will make your glass more difficult to breach and depending on the thickness of the film installed they can delay an intruders entry by up to three minutes, therefore intruders will have to use a more considerable amount of force to gain entry allowing you time to leave your home, hide and call the police. They are becoming more and more popular with residential homes due to the vast increase in burglaries, but people usually wait until they have been the victim of an intruder before contacting us. We are highly experienced in the installation of Safety, Security and Shatterproof window films.

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Certification and Standards

These thicker window films known as safety and security window films are designed to perform under extreme conditions and as such there are specific standard criteria these films should meet, such as the British Standards BS 6206 (Class A, B, C). The European Committee for Standardisation offer the EN12600 standard Classification of Resistance of Glazing to Impact. Often, building codes dictate that a film must have a report verifying that it has met at least one of these standards.

Our Security window films are Impact tested to EN 12600 Class 1B1, 2B2 and BS6206 Class A & B.
Clear UV Filter window film provides one of the highest levels of protection from UV radiation available, reducing 99.8% of UVA and UVB rays, without noticeably altering the clarity of the glass and is used extensively to help reduce the effects of XP skin conditions. Book your free survey here.

Types of Film Available

As standard these films are transparent but also available as a solar or privacy combination film and range in thickness from 100 - 300 microns, 175 to 200 microns is most commonly used in our installations to residential properties. These dual aspect films can dramatically reduce heat, glare and UV light. All our films have a durable Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC) to protect during normal handling and cleaning practices. They do not discolour or distort over time and as standard have a manufactures warranty of up to 10 years. They can be installed internally and/or externally.

Have a look below at the installations where either a safety or security window film has been applied. if you'd like to know more you can book a free survey, where we will come to you, show you samples of our window films, discuss what they can do for you, measure up and provide you with a written quotation. Or maybe you'd just like to know roughly how much an installation would cost before going any further and that's a common question we're asked, you can use our web form or call us on 0161 327 0301 with your window dimensions (we'll need these) and tell us what you would like the film to do for you i.e. make existing glass safe shatter resistant glazing, protect from intruders and improve your security, we'll then be able to give you an idea of the cost involved.

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