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Privacy, Frosted Opaque Window Films & Manifestations

We stock a large range of privacy, opaque, obscure frosted, dusted window films from different manufacturers in a variety of shades and finishes. We supply and we install them in homes and offices throughout the Northwest.

With varying degrees of obscurity these frosted privacy films offer privacy to windows where clear glass is unacceptable or undesirable. The finished result can create differing levels of screening whilst still allowing natural light to be transmitted, available in a variety of colours and shades.

For the office

The look and feel of a space can be transformed by imaginative window graphics - including large or small lettering - ensuring privacy and allowing natural light transmission.

For the home

You can change your clear glass to look like etched, frosted or a sandblasted effect this is ideal for glass decor and this type of product is available in a Dusted and Frosted matt finish. The Frosted finish is available in Offshore Blue, Fresh Mint, Sparkling Yellow, Romantic Rose and Gold.

For complete privacy

Whiteout blocks 85% of light passing through and features a white polished exterior look or Blackout which blocks 100% of light passing through giving complete privacy and interior darkening commonly installed in home cinema rooms and classrooms which have projectors.


Full-height, transparent glazing, glazed walls or screens, fully glazed doors or glass doors. Building Regulations requires that transparent glazing, with which people are likely to come into contact with while moving in or about the building, shall incorporate features which make the glazing apparent. Suitable manifestations are continuous or broken lines, signs, logos or patterns on the glass that cover at least 10 percent of the glazing within those zones.

Have a look below at the installations where a solar control window film has been applied for heat/glare reduction and/or privacy. if you'd like to know more you can book a free survey where we will come to you, show you samples of our window films, discuss what they can do for you, measure up and provide you with a written quotation or maybe you'd just like to know roughly how much an installation would cost before going any further and that's a common question we get asked, you can email or call us with your window dimensions (we'll need these) and tell us what you would like the film to do for you i.e reduce heat/glare, block uv rays/light, extra privacy and we'll be able to give you an idea of the cost involved.

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