Orangery Suffering From Glare


Blackley Manchester

The Problem

We were asked if we would arrange a survey to visit an orangery in Blackley, North Manchester as they had issues with the amount glare they were having to deal with which was stopping them watching the television on a sunny day. The glare we experienced when we walked in to the orangery was terrible, we couldn't see each other it was so bright. Fading of their furnishings had already started too with the amount UV entering through the glass roof and as so a solution to this was required too. The glass was of a very light blue colour which was sold to them as being anti-glare glass when their orangery was built but they had yet to see or notice any benefits from this. We come across this more and more often where customers have had their glass changed for supposedly anti-glare glass which doesn't seem to work or at least if it does it's hardly noticeable.

Our Solution

We explained all the options and the benefits of the types of window films which would resolve their issues to the customer and shown them samples and photos of previous installations which had encountered the same issues to give them an idea how their orangery would look after an installation. We measured all 28 glass roof units to be able to provide them with a quotation and having explained everything and all the options we left them to decide which type of window film they would prefer.

The Window Film We Used

They chose our Optitune 15 window film, an excellent window film perfect to combat glare and UV light issues. This film reduces glare by 86%, total solar energy 68% and 99% of UV light passing through the glass and comes with a 10 year warranty when installed by us. The installation took just 6 hours to complete and the customer's first words were "I don't have to squint my eyes when I'm in here now" and also the difference in temperature was noticeable immediately. You can see in the photos at the start of the installation the window film appears quite dark though as the installation progresses it gets lighter. We've added before, in-between and after photos.