Boohoo Non-Reflective Window Film, Manchester



The Problem

To minimise glare, ensuring that natural light enters the interior without causing distractions or discomfort for employees and visitors. This is particularly important in a dynamic and creative workspace where clear visibility is essential for productivity. Privacy was also an issue as this was an area where employees and clients would meet and so preventing outsiders from easily peering in was desirable.

Our Solution

To install a non-reflective black window film externally on the laminated glass at Boohoo's offices in Manchester, seamlessly combining style with practicality. This sophisticated upgrade not only adds a touch of modern elegance to the building's exterior but will also enhance security and creates a sense of confidentiality for both employees and clients while maintaining an open and inviting atmosphere within.

The Window Film We Used

We installed a non-reflective black window film externally to the laminated glass, this would prevent any thermal stress to the glass.
One of the standout features of the non-reflective black window film is its ability to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. The sleek, black finish exudes a contemporary and professional vibe, aligning seamlessly with Boohoo's fashion-forward image. The film enhances the overall curb appeal of the offices, creating an impressive façade that reflects the company's commitment to innovation while minimising glare, it ensures that natural light floods the interior without causing distractions or discomfort for employees.