Solar Control Window Film Marple, Stockport


Marple, Stockport

The Problem

Living with lots of sunlight, the south-facing aspect of their home presented both opportunities and challenges. While they enjoyed ample natural light, the intense sun exposure during certain times of the day made the interior uncomfortably warm and led to issues such as solar heat gain, glare and fading of the furniture. Seeking a sustainable solution, the client opted for solar control window film and the results have exceeded their expectations.

Our Solution

One of the primary advantages of the solar control window film is its ability to regulate the indoor temperature. The film effectively reduces solar heat gain, preventing the living space from becoming excessively hot during peak sunlight hours. This has not only created a more comfortable environment but also contributed to significant energy savings by reducing the need for excessive air conditioning.
Moreover, the reduction in glare will vastly improve the overall living experience. With the solar control film in place, everyone will enjoy the breath-taking view from our bifold doors without the discomfort of excessive brightness. This will make the living space more inviting and conducive to various activities, from reading and working to simply relaxing with family and friends.

The Window Film We Used

Solar Control Steel 35 window film has a more natural appearance from the inside than traditional solar control window films. The installation process was smooth, and the film seamlessly integrates with the existing windows. Its low-maintenance nature adds to the appeal, requiring minimal care while delivering long-lasting benefits. Additionally, the film's eco-friendly features align with the clients commitment to sustainable living, making it a conscientious choice for homeowners who prioritise energy efficiency.
In conclusion, the decision to install solar control window film to the south-facing rear bifold doors and windows has been a wise investment that combines practicality with aesthetics. It has significantly enhanced this home's energy efficiency, comfort, and overall liveability, making it a five-star solution for anyone looking to optimise their living space in sun-exposed areas.
The installation of solar control window film on the south-facing rear bifold doors and windows of this home has proven to be a transformative and energy-efficient choice. This upgrade not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of their living space but also provides several practical benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.