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Window Film Installed In Ashton Under Lyne

The Problem

We were asked if there was anything we could do with a conservatory's windows in Ashton Under Lyne, East Manchester that would cut down the glare as watching the TV was impossible and to reduce the amount of fading the sun was causing as it had damaged the majority of furniture in the conservatory. The customer was planning to replace all the furniture and flooring that was bleached and faded by the sun's UV rays but needed to find a solution to their problem before doing so.

What We Did

Having a glass roof and not wanting to block out too much light, blinds would not be suitable. We explained that this could be achieved by an application of window film to the roof only as this would be sufficient in achieving what they wanted. So we installed a solar reflective film which is excellent for reducing solar heat and glare transmitted through the glass to all the roof panels. This film is of a very light blue appearance from inside and has a shiny mirrored exterior look, still letting enough natural light in not to make it dark, whilst reducing the glare by up to 79% so they could watch the television in comfort and at the same time would be blocking out 99.9% of UV light dramatically slowing down the effects of the suns damage. 

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