What is window film?

Window film is a polyester film generally made of PET, Polyethylene Terephthalate, the same polymer used to, manufacture water bottles, for example most films are applied to the interior surface of a glass window in a home, commercial building or car. They have a scratch resistant coating on the outer surface to protect the film. 

There are many types of window films. Some are clear and feature multiple layers of PET to offer protection from shattering glass; others are tinted with metals, dyes or pigments to reduce the visible light transmitted through the glass and block heat coming through from the sun. There are even decorative window films that can replicate the look of frosted glass or etched patterns.

What are the benefits of window film?

Window films have many benefits depending on your choice of film.
Safety films can hold shattered glass in place to offer protection from threats like:
• Burglary attempts
• Graffiti
• Wind-born debris
• Natural disasters
• Bomb blasts

Tinted window films, also called solar control films, can do the following:
• Significantly reduce solar heat gain and temperature inside a building
• Reduce air conditioning costs
• Extend life of HVAC systems by reducing maintenance and strain on the system
• Decrease a building’s environmental emissions
• Increase occupant comfort
• Reduce glare to visibility inside, especially for computer and TV screens
• Provide daytime privacy
• Block up to 99% of UV radiation
• Offer significant fade protection for furniture, carpets, woodwork and other interior furnishings
• Improve building aesthetics and accent windows

How is window film installed?

The installation process starts with thoroughly cleaning your windows to remove even the smallest pieces of dirt. A piece of film is cut to approximately the size of your window, its inner release liner is removed and an application solution is sprayed on the film’s adhesive to activate it. The application solution is also sprayed on the window .Next the film is installed on the glass and all the application solution is squeegeed out from between the glass and the film. The installer will do some final edge trimming to ensure the film fits perfectly.

How long will the film last?

This depends on the film type, glass type, window construction, orientation and geographical location of the building. All Manchester Window Films are covered by a warranty for a specified time. Most installations receive a 10-year warranty. There are some speciality films that have different terms, for example, exterior films carry a warranty of 5-10 years on vertical glass and 2-5 years on sloped glass. Decorative films have a 7- year coverage. The warranty coverage is based on extensive internal testing and our years of experience in the field. It is common that we see films last well beyond their warranty period, sometimes as long as 15-20 years.