Solar Control Window Film

We offer a huge range of solar control films in different shades and colours. They can provide one way vision enabling you to clearly see out through the glass offering privacy from outside alongside their solar control elements. They can be used to reduce unwanted heat gain and glare transmitted through the glass in the summer and also insulate by reflecting radiant internal heating back in to the room. A saving in energy costs can easily be achieved in summer and winter when installed to your windows. For both residential and commercial. 

All our solar control films prevent 99% of (ultra violet) UV ray's from passing through helping to slow down the effects of the sun's damage which can cause fading to furnishings and floors.

Types Of Solar Control Window Films:

Reflective films have a higher performance than others and can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat and glare transmitted through your glass.

Low Emissivity films have a Low-E coating added to the internal facing side of the film thus reducing heat loss through your glazing which in turn reduce heating bills and improving your carbon footprint.

Low Mirror films are still a great way to achieve a good level of solar heat and glare reduction but with a lesser external reflective appearance they are ideal for homes who want to go unnoticed depending on the density of the film used.