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Give yourself the protection from accidents and intrusions with our safety, security and intruder window films you can convert existing glass into safe, secure shatter resistant glazing. It's true but unfortunately our world is not as safe as it used to be so give your family and your home that extra protection.

What Do They Do: Our safety, security and intruder window films form a molecular bond with the window using a clear adhesive that dramatically strengthens the integrity of the pane and provides an effective and non-obtrusive defence against intruders and accidents. Once installed it is virtually unnoticeable and provides the element of surprise to a would be burglar when trying to gain entry and in most cases they will quickly leave as they would have to create far more noise than if the glass was just toughened.

An installation of one of our safety, security or intruder window films will make your glass more difficult to breach and depending on the thickness of the film installed, can delay an intruders entry by up to three minutes. Therefore intruders will have to use a more considerable amount of force to gain entry allowing you time to leave your home, hide and call the police. They are becoming more and more popular with residential homes due to the vast increase in burglaries but people usually wait until they have been the victim of an intruder before contacting us. 

Types of Film Available: As standard these films are transparent but also available as a solar or privacy combination film and range in thickness from 100 - 300 microns, 175 to 200 micron is most commonly used in our installations to homes. These dual aspect films can dramatically reduce heat, glare and UV light. All our films have a durable Scratch Resistant Coating (SRC) to protect during normal handling and cleaning practices. They do not discolour or distort over time and as standard have a manufactures warranty up to 10 years. They can be installed internally and/or externally.

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