Feeling The Heat In Rochdale



The Problem

7 bifold doors, 3 very large roof lights and 2 bedrooms all south facing leads to very hot rooms when the sun is shining. The rear of this home in Rochdale is flooded with natural light but desperately in need of some shade to keep the room temperatures felt inside lower, even the wine chiller was struggling with the high temperatures. The bedrooms were uncomfortable to be in and once the sun had heated them up they held their temperature all night. Yes blinds would of certainly helped with the issue here but at what cost? dark and dreary rooms all day? no that wasn't going to be the solution required here.

Our Solution

We carried out a survey to measure, check the glass type and to discuss the window film options available. We were looking for a solar control window film that would reduce enough of the sun's heat whilst still allowing the natural light to pass through, keeping everywhere cooler, bright and comfortable. All the south facing rear glass of this spacious home would require treating, including the roof lights to successfully combat the issue.

The Window Film We Used

It was decided that our Solar Control Steel 35 would be the correct window film to install to give the results so desperately required here. This window film will reduce 66% of solar heat gain from entering through the glass and has a more natural appearance the traditional solar control window films. It allows a high amount of light to pass through and will block 99% of UV rays which will also slow down any fading of furnishings and floors. It comes with a full 10 year warranty for peace of mind.
It took 2 of our professional installers nearly a full day to complete the installation with little or no disruption to the home owners.