Cheshire Super Home Requires Solar Film Poynton



The Problem

This very impressive home in Cheshire has everything, big large windows overlooking the water, south facing private views, beautiful location but it can get a little too hot inside being south facing. You wouldn't want to block these views or the natural light which floods through the large floor to ceiling windows with blinds, at least not during the daytime. We were asked if we could install a window film that wouldn't obstruct the beautiful views, or take away the natural daylight and very important something that wasn't going to be really noticeable.

Our Solution

We installed three different solar films initially, so that the owners were able to get an insight of how the window film would look aesthetically and how it would also perform before committing to a final decision. Out of the three window films a medium solar control window film was chosen as the best option which would address the issue of their solar heat gain problem and would also compliment the outside look of the house too without obscuring the view from the inside out. Being an external application we were at the mercy of the weather so timing was crucial to pick the right days to carry out the installation. From start to finish it took 4 days to complete.

The Window Film We Used

Our external grade Sputtered Grey solar control window film was chosen for its high light transmission and with a more natural looking internal appearance than most traditional solar control window films offer. We had to be apply the film to the outside of all the rear south facing windows, ground floor and first floor due to the windows being floor to ceiling glass they are laminated, meaning if we were to apply any type of solar window film to the internal side of the windows, it would cause thermal stress to the glass and then crack.
The owners were so pleased with the whole process and more so with how their home had been transformed by the work we'd carried out for them.