Solar Film South Facing Orangery, Urmston


Urmston, Manchester

The Problem

A large Orangery, south facing experiencing extreme heat and glare, means that it can only be used during the evening when the sun starts to set. It was so hot inside none of the family were able to use it when the sun was out so it became a redundant part of the home. Air conditioning had been considered as the way to resolve the issues of the heat building up but this was really expensive to purchase and then with the running costs too, even then that wouldn't do anything to reduce the glare. Blinds? were also considered until the quotation arrived but it was the blind company who recommended us, Manchester Window Film.

Our Solution

Quite a straight forward answer, install solar control window film to all the glass roof units and reduce solar energy entering by a massive 80%, glare reduction by 83% and 99% of UV rays. We carried out a survey, explained which solar films would best resolve their issues and sent our quotation the following day, needless to say it was accepted very quickly and the installation was booked within a couple of weeks.

The Window Film We Used

We used a high performance solar control window film which hugely reduced the temperature felt inside the Orangery and by reducing the amount of glare entering to, this also made for a far more comfortable time when being used. The television could now also be used with the glare reduction. The installation took a little under 7 hours to complete with virtually no disruption to anyone. Once completed the family were very impressed with the end result.