Large Windows In Need Of Solar Film Delamere, Cheshire


Delamere, Cheshire

The Problem

Newly purchased home in Delamere with lots of south facing glass was starting to feel the heat. The rear of this house is south facing and so enjoys the sunshine from morning until evening through it's large windows, which is what most people would like too. The heat felt inside was soon becoming a problem and although electric blinds had been installed on all windows they made the rooms very dark, gloomy and took away the view from the windows.

Our Solution

The windows were all triple glazed so we knew this was going to have to be an external application to avoid causing thermal stress to the glass, which would result in them cracking and needing to be replaced. The only hold up for this to go ahead would be the weather as external window film applications require the temperature outside to be above 5°C and dry and no or little wind, not too much to ask for.

The Window Film We Used

Sputtered Grey 35 solar control was the chosen window film for this installation. This film achieves solar heat and glare control but can still allow some vision both ways and make less visual impact than traditional shiny mirrored films, whilst from the inside the visual effect is much less noticeable being a very light tint to the glass and looks more natural. Performance for this window film is, solar energy rejected 52% and glare 57% and also benefitting form 99% of UV rejection this will help preserve furnishings and floors from fading too.
30 days after being installed the window film (windows) can be cleaned as normal.
This window film carries a full 7-year manufacturers warranty.