Frosting Required For Privacy


Congleton, Cheshire

The Problem

A newly built house in Congleton has a lovely bright hallway due to its 6 long clear glass windows which flood the inside with natural light. The problem was the long windows offered no privacy for the occupants from onlookers and also posed a security risk of the house being broken in to, as it was so exposed anyone could see straight through the windows all the way in to the house. Blinds were not going to be an option as they would take the natural light away and could be blown by the opening and closing of the door, which wasn't what was wanted.
Daytime privacy window film wasn't the answer either for these windows as this window film would have the reverse effect at night time allowing people to see in when it was dark outside and the lights were on inside, so no good even though it would work perfect during the daytime.

Our Solution

A survey wasn't required as the owner of the property had done his own research and knew frosted window film would be the solution to his problems, he just needed to find the right type. Having provided us with all the measurements and some photos, we were able to give a same day quotation which speeded up the process enabling us to quickly book an installation date.

The Window Film We Used

We used our very popular privacy/frosted window film PV900. The owner commented how he was extremely happy the window film we used was of a smooth texture and would be so much easier to clean compared to some other frosted window film samples he had been sent from other window film companies as they were textured. This particular frosted window film allows a massive 80% of natural light to pass through and has an amazing finish, looking very similar to actual frosted glass whilst providing complete privacy from both the interior and exterior sides. This window film can be installed internally and externally and has a 7-year warranty when installed by us.