Security And Privacy Wilmslow, Cheshire


Wilmslow Cheshire

The Problem

We were contacted initially just for advice, which we are always happy to offer on what products would be suitable for this house in Wilmslow. The new owners of this property had two concerns, security and privacy and wanted to know if there was a window film which would resolve these issues. They wanted something which would stop anyone seeing in who walked past their home whilst allowing them to clearly see out. They had contacted another window film company who suggested a daytime reflective window film, to which the owner was completely opposed to as they didn't want the mirrored exterior look and this wouldn't work at night time as these window films will only offer daytime privacy. We arranged a survey appointment at a time convenient to the customer.

Our Solution

On arrival at this property, it was clear to see why they needed to resolve this issue, the large windows around the door offered no privacy at all allowing onlookers to see clearly in. Having discussed all the options which were available, we recommended that an external application would be best, due to parts of the glass not being accessible from the inside and this therefore wouldn't be ascetically pleasing to the eye. We agreed that a non-reflective window film be used as this wouldn't have the reverse effect after daylight hours as reflective window films do, it would offer privacy day and night. The use of scaffolding was going to be required to safely access the higher windows which we provided. The customer was more than happy with our recommendation and was very keen to get the process started.

The Window Film We Used

We used an external non-reflective dark window film which would allow plenty of natural light to pass through so not to make the inside of the house dark whilst offering a high degree of privacy, day and night. This window film will also reduce heat gain by 35%, 91% reduction of glare transmitted through the glass and 99% of UV light, again dramatically slowing down any fading and in this case the wooden floors will now have a longer life. We completed this installation whilst the customer wasn't home and received a very happy phone call once they arrived home to see the completed installation which in there words "has transformed the look of their house". We edge sealed the film in black to match the film and maintain its 7 year warranty.