Solar Control in New Islington


New Islington Manchester

The Problem

Unbearable heat from the sun through south facing windows. The temperatures inside where reaching new levels with the recent heatwave we have been experiencing, Blinds were doing nothing other than providing shade, the heat just filters around them and makes the room dark.

Our Solution

Apply a strong solar control reflective window film externally to all south facing windows, ground floor and first floor. We installed the window film on the outside due to the glazing being laminated and therefore an internal application is unsafe as there is a high probability that it would cause thermal stress resulting in the glass cracking and then needing to be replaced. Scaffolding was needed to safely reach the first floor windows and called for an early start when there is little or no wind. The installation to both houses was completed in under 5 hours with virtually no disruption to the occupants apart from opening a gate.

The Window Film We Used

Solar Control Reflective Silver, excellent performing window film perfect for this kind of situation. Applied externally complete with a 10 year warranty covering peeling, bubbling, distorting and yellowing. Our windows films are of such high quality they routinely out last their warranty by as much as 5 years. Solar energy rejected 82%, glare reduced 84% and blocks 99% of Ultra Violet light combating the effects of the sun's fading to your furnishings.