Orangery roof window film


South Manchester

The Problem

An Orangery which gets very hot and privacy also was an issue. Blinds were installed to the bi fold doors and to the 4 glass roof units and yes the privacy problem was kind of dealt with but at the expense of losing most of the natural light coming in. The blinds collected dust are awkward to keep clean and did nothing for cutting down the heat as that still filtered around the them making the orangery at times uncomfortable to be in. The glass roof was toughened glass so an internal application of window film was going to be suitable. We try whenever possible to install roof window film to the inside of glass as internal applications have a minimum 10 year warranty compared to external when the glass is sloped the warranty reduces to 2-3 years.

Our Solution

We recommended a dual solar control reflective window film called Optitune, again perfect for this kind of situation and making an incredible difference to the amount of privacy acquired in the orangery. These dual reflective window films vary with the density selected and also offer excellent performance of solar heat rejection and glare control with higher visible light transmission (VLT) than traditional reflective solar control films. The dual reflective window film used was of low density which has a less reflective inner layer to preserve the view outside and just enough of a reflective external appearance to provide enough privacy without the bright shiny mirrored look you usually see on office buildings . The window film filters 99.9% of UV light entering through the glazing limiting fading and damage caused from the sun. Its warm neutral interior appearance is ideal for residential domestic applications and can go unnoticed if your not aware its already installed.

Window films with a higher VLT are lighter in appearance and allow more light to pass through, the film we used here has a VLT of 30% and has a 10 year warranty covering peeling, distorting and fading. The customer was very satisfied with choice of window film we recommended and how the installation was carried out. It took us just 3 hours to complete again with virtually no disruption to the customer.