Glass Cube Intense Solar Heat Cheshire



The Problem

A home in Cheshire with a room consisting of two large glass walls and a large glass flat roof, designed to be a captivating architectural element, inadvertently became a source of discomfort due to excessive solar heat gain and glare. The unrelenting sunlight turned the space into a heat trap, which would slowly heat the rest of the house, making it less enjoyable for occupants throughout. This presented a dual challenge of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the glass room and reducing the overall glare whilst maintaining high light levels.
The specific challenge at hand involved mitigating solar heat gain on glass surfaces that were subjected to intense sunlight. The standard practice of installing window film internally was reconsidered in this case due to the desire to keep the glass cooler and more comfortable from the outside, thus optimising the overall temperature within.

Our Solution

Apply a solar control window film externally to intercept and reflect a substantial amount of solar radiation. This external approach minimises the direct transfer of heat into the glass, effectively keeping it cooler than if the film were installed internally by rejecting solar heat before it penetrates the glass, the solar film significantly reduces the temperature of the glass surface. This will create a more comfortable indoor environment and reduce glare too.

The Window Film We Used

We installed Solar Control Neutral 30 externally to the vertical glass walls and Solar Control Steel 50 internally to the roof glazing. We chose to apply the film to the roof internally due to applying externally would have a significant impact on the lifespan with the roof being completely flat the rain water would rest on the film and not drain away.
While window films can offer valuable benefits when applied judiciously, it's crucial to exercise caution in selecting the right film for specific applications. The potential consequences of applying then wrong window film underscore the importance of thorough assessment and consideration of factors such as heat absorption, thermal stress, and material compatibility to ensure the longevity and structural stability of the glass and window film.