Bifold Doors Heat Loss/Gain & Privacy Orrell, Wigan


Orrell Wigan

The Problem

Bifold doors, while stunning in design, often present thermal inefficiencies, leading to heat loss during winter months and unwanted heat gain in the summer. Additionally, the desire for increased daytime privacy added another layer to the challenge. Our clients sought a comprehensive solution that would address these concerns without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their bifold doors. A window film that improves energy efficiency but also ensures year-round comfort and privacy.

Our Solution

A Low Emissivity window film was the perfect window film here, known for its advanced low-emissivity technology, its the ideal choice to combat heat loss during the winter. The film minimises thermal transfer, ensuring that warmth is retained within the living spaces, creating a cosier environment for our clients. It will offer the daytime privacy required, reduce glare and allow the natural light to flow through the bifold doors, maintaining a bright and airy feel to the room.

The Window Film We Used

Low E Silver 20 Solar Control Window Film.
Heat Reduction in Summer:
During the warmer months, the window film reflects a significant portion of solar heat, preventing excessive heat gain through the bifold doors. This results in a more comfortable indoor atmosphere, reducing the need for extensive air conditioning and improving energy efficiency.

Enhanced Privacy:
Low E Silver 20 provides an additional layer of privacy without sacrificing natural light. The film subtly obscures the view from the outside while allowing occupants to enjoy diffused sunlight, striking the perfect balance between seclusion and illumination.

Year-Round Comfort:
By addressing both heat loss and heat gain, the installation of Low E Silver 20 ensures year-round comfort. Residents can enjoy consistent temperatures and a pleasant living environment, irrespective of external weather conditions.
Our recent installation of Low E Silver 20 window film on bifold doors exemplifies our commitment to addressing multifaceted challenges with innovative and tailored solutions. By successfully enhancing energy efficiency, privacy, and comfort, we've transformed our clients' living space into havens of tranquillity and sustainability. This project underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that prioritise both functionality and aesthetics.