Low Emissivity Applied To Entrance Glazing Hale Barns


Hale Barns, Altrincham

The Problem

The homeowners faced a persistent issue of heat loss through the large windows at the entrance of their home in Hale Barns, Altrincham. As the varying weather conditions and the inefficient insulation through the glazing resulted in increased energy bills and reduced indoor comfort. This area would feel cold compared to the rest of the house. The need for a solution that addressed this heat loss while preserving the aesthetic appeal of the entrance posed a significant challenge.
The homeowners faced a dilemma - how to curb heat loss through their entrance glazing without sacrificing the cherished natural light that bathed their interior. Traditional solutions often came with a trade-off, dimming the brightness and altering the ambiance of the home. Striking the right balance between energy efficiency and preserving the inviting glow of natural light became a critical challenge for this project.

Our Solution

To apply a Low Emissivity window film that would maintain a high level of visible light transmission, Low E Silver 50 ensures that the interior spaces remain bright and welcoming. The film effectively filters out excess heat while preserving the homeowner's ability to enjoy the beauty of the natural light.
Low E Silver 50 boasts a sophisticated low-emissivity coating that selectively reflects infrared heat while allowing a generous amount of natural light to pass through. This technology became the cornerstone of the solution, providing energy efficiency without compromising the bright and airy atmosphere.

The Window Film We Used

We chose Low E Silver 50 for its state-of-the-art low-emissivity coating, a technology designed to selectively reflect infrared heat. This customisation allowed us to focus on minimising heat transfer while preserving the high transmission of visible light, maintaining the bright and welcoming ambiance our clients cherished. The key to our success was ensuring that the natural light flooding the interior remained uncompromised. Low E Silver 50 strikes a harmonious balance, reducing unwanted heat without sacrificing the visual comfort and vibrancy of well-lit living spaces.
Low E Silver 50 proved to be a versatile solution, effectively preventing heat loss during colder months and regulating indoor temperatures in warmer seasons. The year-round adaptability of our solution ensures consistent comfort for our clients, regardless of external weather conditions.