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Conservatory Roof Film Standish

Before We Installed Heat Reflective Film
After We Installed A Heat Reflective Film To All The Roof Glazing

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The Problem

Another conservatory glass roof with heat issues in Standish. We were contacted and asked if  we could provide a window film that would stop the sun's heat from penetrating through the glass roof as the inside of the conservatory was getting far too hot in the summer and wasn't being used as the owner would of liked because of this issue. Initially they had a quotation for the installation of roof blinds and found them to be far too expensive even though they would provide them with some shade, they attract flies and are hard to keep clean and would darken the room by blocking out the natural light.

The Solution

We recommended a solar reflective window film to be applied internally to the roof glazing, perfect for this kind of situation and which would make an incredible immediate difference to the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass. The solar reflective window film range vary with the density selected and offer excellent performance of solar heat rejection and glare control. The solar reflective window film we used here was silver reflective 20 offering a massive 79% solar heat reduction transmitted through the glass roof. The film blocks 99.9% of UV light entering through the glazing limiting fading and damage caused from the sun, ideal for residential applications and has a 10 year warranty covering peeling, distorting and fading. The customer was completely satisfied with the choice of window film we recommended and the way the installation was carried out.

What We Did

We thoroughly cleaned all the internal sides of the roof glass to remove any dirt or grease before applying the window film as this was going to be the last time it was cleaned for at least the next 12 years. Once the film is applied it requires 30 days to dry completely and then it can be cleaned as normal.

It took us six hours from start to finish to complete the installation to this conservatory glass roof in Standish, Wigan with virtually no disruption to the customer.

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