Conservatory Window Films

Reduce glare, overheating and sun damage or improve privacy

Conservatories are quite literally a suntrap, as the sun shines through the temperatures you feel inside can be unbearable; the glare alone can cause discomfort.

The only solution found was to have blinds installed and although they do provide you with some shade the heat still filters through and around the blinds and also the inconvenience of cleaning and the removal of dead insects whereas our films are maintenance free apart from normal window cleaning.

With an installation with one of our solar control films only the roof of your conservatory needs to be treated, without blocking out all of the natural light. These films are available in a wide range of colours and shades which can significantly reduce heat, glare and UV light. This simple procedure can transform your conservatory in to a relaxing and comfortable environment to be in. Available for both glass and polycarbonate